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Dr Harish Kumar provides advanced nonsurgical and surgical options for sustained weight loss in Cairns. His treatments can help provide a better quality of life for you and your family. Dr Kumar takes extreme pride in being able to change lives and loves to show what has been accomplished for his patients.

Previous patients have achieved great success with transformational treatments. These pictures visually document various procedures associated with Bariatric procedures. See the condition the patient previously suffered from along with the result after undergoing the procedure.

While all details here have come from real patients, many of these stories and images are highly sensitive in nature. Be advised that the content is graphic and needs to be viewed with caution. If you are ready to schedule a consultation with Dr Kumar and his team, reach out to us today. You can change the path you currently find yourself on. Whether you need help with weight loss or you struggle with health concerns or conditions, we are here to help.

*Weight loss results shown depend on the individual. There’s no guarantee anyone will receive the same results. For maximum effectiveness, patients must continue with follow up care and follow strict nutritional guidelines.
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